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Build responsive websites with our ‘drag and drop’ platform. Simply select your features, add content and update the appearance. Publish sophisticated websites with our award winning technology and earn repeat revenue.

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Learn how to build responsive websites without any coding skills what so ever. Join our direct mentoring program and grow your business quickly. Access our Online Portal and manage your business online.

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Kick-start your new venture with professionally designed leaflets, business cards and a promotional website. Operate under the West Design brand and replicate our success.

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Starting a new business can be time consuming and difficult. We have helped many partners in over 3 countries launch their own business quickly.


As computers have become an integral component in running a successful business, the computer and IT industry in the UK is continually expanding. Nearly every business uses computers, meaning there is demand for maintenance and repair, along with designers and developers. Over ¾ of people use IT as part of their jobs, so there is a great need for computer franchises that can provide important services to business clientele, such as technology training for employees. With remote work, along with remote learning, now likely to be a permanent fixture in the lives of workers, it is clear that it is the right time to invest in an IT and computer franchise as these services will be essential to everyone's daily lives.

With computers now cemented as a vital part of business and the future, there is also a need to teach IT services for children; learning to use a computer at an early age can give a child an advantage later, so parents may choose to educate them. Adults, too, may wish to improve their computer skills or simply require assistance with technology. From website building to development, there are plenty of tasks for tech-savvy franchise owners.

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