Search engine optimization

We strongly believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important part of any websites marketing strategy and every business with a website should try to get their website as high up as possible in search engines  -- as part of their growth strategy. 

At its most basic, "SEO" means finding ways to increase your site's  appearance in web visitors' search results. This generally means more traffic to your site. Intense SEO would definitely involve complex site restructuring with a firm/consultant that specializes in this area.

The Process (Generic SEO)

Submit your keywords - We do recommend 5 keywords/key phrases initially as it helps your campaign to be more targeted but you can add more at no extra cost.

Site Audits- We crawl your site with our spiders and produce a report to highlight where the content could be improved. We also produce a progress report every 3 months.

Site Submission - We submit your site to all search engines globally. This is re-done every month.

Backlinks - We create backlinks to your site to improve your organic listing in the search engines. We create within 100 - 150 every month.

Social Media - You can opt in to our Like to Follow social media add on to boost your likes and follows on Facebook and Twitter.

The Price Range (SEO)

Prices range from £25.00 - £150.00 (GBP) per month for our SEO packages NO CONTRACT.  In terms of timescales, we initially setup all of the above within 24-48 hours after payment.