Mobile Application

The mobile platform offers a powerful solution for the fast-growing mobile front, enabling businesses to create a strong mobile presence, reach a wider audience and build a mobile community. Using today’s software and binary coding (HTML5) enables us to create apps for all leading mobile devices iPhone, iPad and Android.

HOW IT WORKS Mobile Marketing: The possibility of creating and executing a complete mobile marketing plan, capturing your potential customer even before s/he accesses the internet.


Promotional Advantage: Increase app installs and helps your app go viral with our complete set of promotional and social sharing tools.

The unique technology instantly grabs your clients.

We create apps for all major devices platforms including (iPhone, iPad and Android).

GENERATE REVENUE: Coupons: Generate revenue by notifying customers of coupons and special offers

E-Commerce: Integrate a mobile shopping cart with eBay and lots more web applications.


Bookings: Customers can book a table at your restaurant right through your app.


Scheduling: Your customers can choose to make appointments based on your available time slots, and syncing it with their calendars using online appointments platforms.


Mailing List: Keeping customers posted by having them sign up for mailing list.

Loyalty Programs: Enhanced customer loyalty by offering promotions and rewards, as well as mobilizing your stamp card.

Click-to-call: Let customer’s call through the app in a single click.

Tell-a-friend: Offers your customers the chance to share your app with friends and colleagues